We specialize in helping you and your colleagues get involved and make a change in a local community


Corporate Volunteering is the Corporate Social Responsibility step your company can take to bring multiple benefits to the community, the society, your company and staff. We help you arrange a volunteering effort that creates a positive social change within Copenhagen communities and at the same time brings various benefit to your company. When you are cooperating with us, not only are you contributing to the greater good of Copenhagen and the world, you are also providing your employees with a memorable and fun team-building that carries a deeper and more sentimental meaning.



We specialize in


Together we discuss the immediate benefits corporate volunteering has on your company. We guide you towards the best possible volunteering strategy applying to your case specifically.


It is no secret that the work ethic, rythm and expectations vary extremely between companies and NGOs. Finding an NGO that you can help, aligning expectations and preparing a meaningful project, can be a long and complicated process. That is why we are here - to make it easy for you to engage in corporate volunteering.

Helping you share

We can documment your employees engagement and prepare it for your use, be it internal, external or both. With your permission we also create articles on our website about your companies engagement. We believe the more stories about corporate volunteering there is, the more companies will want to participate and engage themselves.


These are some of the companies who chose to work with us


  • I appreciate your work very much. We had such a great time and I think that it’s a fantastic project altogether. It has made a long lasting impression [on our employees] and it is still apparent. It was intense, educating, personal and direct.
    — Svenja Kluckow, Daimler Financial Services

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