We are a group of organisations that supports NGOs working to make social changes around Copenhagen. We started COVOCO, because we want companies to take part in this important work by offering the opportunity to take active social responsibility as volunteers in our NGO network around the city. We can tailor an offer to send you to missions in different places depending on the number of employees you have and what social areas you find important. Below you can explore more about what we have done and how we can help your company get involved.

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Thorbjørn Lautrop Nielsen

I have worked in several NGOs for the past 10 years and besides from being part of COVOCO I am the head of a Volunteer Centre in Copenhagen. I want to help people who want to engage and do good for their community. I have an extensive network of NGOs that need help with different tasks. In COVOCO I help connecting employee groups, getting in touch with NGOs and if needed I take part in facilitating engagement days. I look forward to helping you and your colleagues make a difference together with the NGOs of Copenhagen.

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Anders Sejerøe

I have worked in the municipality for more than 10 years with a focus on volunteer associations and social and cultural entrepreneurs. My goal has been to make it easier to make a volunteer initiative in Copenhagen and cooperate with the municipality and also to help our own institutions such as cultural houses and libraries to be a good place for volunteer initiatives. We also help more than 100 events a year with organising and engaging volunteers through Cph Volunteers. With COVOCO we want to engage companies in social efforts and through corporate volunteering participate in making this a liveable city also for those in need.