Features Overview

We at COVOCO offer you several ways of cooperation. We are very good at finding the best match for you and our NGOs. The organisation of the volunteering activities can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Your only organisational effort should be telling us what are your wishes for corporate volunteering. Leave everything else for us to deal with.


Small group day event

Your team of co-workers use one day to help a local NGO in practical work, e.g. painting, building or repairing or anything else depending on your wishes.
Many NGOs with their own facilities have very limited resources to do practical work, maintain and repair their facilities. They often lack both the financial resources and volunteers with interest and competences to perform the practical work needed.

Our assistance:
• Find the right match – we seek out the best matches considering your wants, NGOs needs and what is realistically achievable
• Plan in advance so materials and setup are ready when the team arrives
• Plan for a meal if you require so
• Plan educational activity - a lecture, workshop or any other fitting informational session about the cause of the NGO
• Provide a photographer or videographer if required

We are flexible in offering solutions for all your needs.


Large group day event

If you have a crowd of people we can organise a large event involving several NGOs in different types of activities. This can be a great way to involve many people and give them different experiences and insights both in the activities of different types of NGOs and in each other. Coordinate several matches and make sure that all meetings are coordinated in the same high detail as it would if you only had one

Things to consider:

  • How do the employees choose where to participate?
  • Will you have a party or social event in the end of the day – and will the NGOs be invited as well?
  • How to organise transportation to and from the different locations?
  • What is the backup plan if either fewer or more attend than expexted?
  • How will the people share their experiences from the different locations?

Continuous involement

Do your organisation have some key competences that can boost NGOs e.g., in relation to organisational development, home page design, communication or something else. We can help you put your skills to a good use where it is most needed.



COVOCO is a cooperation between Volunteer Center Vesterbro, Sydhavnen and Kgs. Enghave and the Cultural unit DIT:KBH. Both units work to improve volunteering and NGO-involvement both in social and cultural involvement. We can give you advice on how to start your own corporate volunteering programme and provide you with the relevant contacts. If needed, we can also provide the full planning and coordination so you only need to show up. It requires a fee depending on the size of the involvement.