Daimler financial services, volunteering in several spots around Copenhagen

In an amazing volunteering effort Daimler participated in volunteering activities in 9 different locations with 120 participants.  Daimler employees volunteered at:
GAME - street sport NGO,
Venligboerne - welcome refugees organization,
Settlementet - focus on socially excluded people, 
Børnenes Dyremark - volunteer-run zoo for children, 
Sydhavns Compagniet - a project-oriented civil and local community player,
Outsideren - Denmark's largest online magazine on psychiatry and mental illness,
Råhuset - a social / cultural hotspot and venue, 
Send Flere Krydderier - catering company focusing on ethnic women's cooking and employing ethnic women
and Aids Fondet - NGO working to prevent HIV/AIDS



A very hands-on effort was performed by Mærsk. 25 of their employees participated in a volunteering day event workings with Settlementet and the local homeless shelter. They were involved in cleaning, removing weeds from the yard and street, painting walls an building shelfs.

podio 2.jpg


One of the sweetest volunteering days we have held was for Podio. 30 employees of Podio gave bicycle tours to elders of a local senior house. Both cyclers and the elders were extremely satisfied and sentimental about this experience.